About Us

About Us

Structure of the Renata Peçanha Dance Program USA

The Renata Pecanha Dance Program is a fully planned curricula from the foundations, level 100, all the way to advanced movements and concepts in the 300 level. More levels, topics and courses to come!

Courses are progressive and are designed to build upon the previous class. When you join the program, your attendance is tracked, along with the courses you have taken. You will be able to see your progression online and see what you have completed, what you have missed, and what still remains to be covered in your class.

Once you have completed all credit hours in your level, you will be tested to evaluate eligibility to pass to the next course level and given personal feedback about your dancing, along with personalized advice on how to improve your skills. Upon passing your course level, you will receive a certificate signed by Renata Pecanha, Clinton Lacerda and Cristi Boone.

Included in the program are 25 general course topics, over 190 subtopics, and 157 credit hours, all organised in a level-based dance program, with more to come!
Fully planned courses structured like university education:
Tiered at a 100, 200, or 300 level,
Credit hours received upon course completion,
Credit applied to the Renata Pecanha Dance Program, and
Course progression tracked online.

Zouk is smart, but it just got smarter! The very first technologically advanced zouk dance program has arrived! It is based on your progress, your schedule and your location. And all deliverable to your personal inbox.

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01. Experience

We bring with us our real world experience of living in the birthplace of Brazilian zouk, Rio de Janeiro, and training and teaching alongside its co-creator, Renata Pecanha. We bring to each class not only a taste of Brazilian dance, but also of Brazilian culture. With over 15 years of teaching experience in Brazil, Europe, the Middle East and North America, we are confident that you will feel the difference of learning from experienced professionals.

02. Professionality

We use Renata Pecanha’s proven teaching methods which were the foundations of many of the zouk professionals in the market today. We believe in providing core technique in dancing, which applies to all dance forms. We break down the simplest to the most difficult moves with precision, so you can make your dancing look and feel its best.

03. Curricula

We have worked side by side with Renata Pecanha to create an in-depth curricula ranging from the foundations to professional-level movements, including movement-based skills, connection, musicality, timing and dance theory. We track student attendance, progression in the program, and test before advancing students to the next level.

04. Quality

We combine international teaching experience, years of training alongside the co-creator of zouk, Renata Pecanha, and a deep knowledge of dance, technique and pedagogy. We are confident that you will feel the difference in learning with qualified and experienced professionals trained at the source of Brazilian zouk.